How Technology Can Impact a Marriage

Love lives will be forever changed by new technology. Whether it’s online dating, Facebook chatting with old flames or meeting new people in public forums, the internet is raging with flirtations and affairs. For people who are safe and single, dating sites are truly a great place to meet new, life-minded people. There are other, great forms of communication like Twitter, Instagram and Skype that also offer awesome platforms for blossoming new loves. But what does all this technology mean for those who may be having more difficult or challenging love lives? Unfortunately, the truth is that Facebook and sites like it have been the instigators for more than a few separations and divorces.

Social media is often blamed for cases of infidelity and divorce, but this is not necessarily a logical truth. In many ways, if infidelity was going to happen, it was going to happen. Whether it happened through Facebook, secret rendezvous as the local motel or steamy texting through phones, infidelity does not pop out of nowhere as soon as individuals log onto social media sites.

Legal Separation and the Internet

What is important to note, however, is how these sites can influence divorce cases in court. There are numerous marital counselors, attorneys and news sites that will make obvious the role of sites like Facebook in cases of legal separation. Even the statistics say that almost all legal separations have some form of technology playing a role.

It’s not always a case of one spouse catching the other chatting with an ex online, nor does it always come down to incriminating photos or similar. Sometimes, it’s just a good old fashioned text message or voicemail that cinches the case.

What to Remember About the Internet and Legal Separation

If you can come away from this article with one nugget of information to remember, it should be the following. Number one, if you are the party that is trying or feels the need to incriminate the other party, you should make sure to take the appropriate evidence you will need for court. Don’t hesitate to take that screenshot or copy that email. Number two, if you are someone who is messing around and doesn’t want to get caught, think twice. If a separation is in your future, don’t prolong the inevitable.

Technology is our friend sometimes, but it can also be our enemy. Use it wise road, and when faced with a stick situation, take the high road to avoid marital problems and serious legal disputes down the line.